Tierra Trópica is a foundation founded by Tropic Lands Real Estate
with the purpose of conserving, supporting, and improving the local communities
and natural environments throughout Panama.  Tropic Lands Real Estate allocates 10% of each real estate transaction commission to be donated to Tierra Trópica Foundation.

      Feel good knowing that your investment and employment of our services has directly contributed to the conservation of the extraordinary nature found in Panama, and positive & sustainable development
​of the country’s local communities.

Example projects and initiatives include:
Recycling Programs, Improvement of Waste Disposal, Environmental Education, General Support for Education, Improvement of Local School Facilities, Improvement of Local Healthcare Facilities, Improvement or Repair of Community Water Supply, Reforestation Projects, Environmental Conservation, Beach Cleanups, and so much more!


Current projects by Tierra Tropica Foundation in Panama
Learn more about our current and ongoing projects, as well as initiatives and programs we are supporting throughout the country of Panamá
Completed Projects by Tierra Tropica Foundation in Panama
Learn more the initiatives our foundation has undertaken and browse through photos of projects we have successfully completed in the past!
Future projects by Tierra Tropica Foundation in Panama
Learn more about the projects we have planned for the future, as well as projects and goals we hope to achieve. Interested to collaborate or have the potential to assist?

Contact us today for more information or to inquire about collaboration.

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