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Malena, Veraguas

We Believe In Giving Back

10% of all income generated by Tropic Lands Real Estate is donated to our affiliated foundation Tierra Trópica. The foundation manages these donation funds to create, organize, and execute projects & programs throughout Panamá, which support, improve, and conserve the local communities and natural environments of this incredible country.


Stunning Beaches

Panamá has thousands of miles of coastline on both the Caribbean and Pacific coast, meaning the quantity and quality of beaches is practically limitless.

US Currency

Panamá’s official currency is the US dollar, making for a strong and stable economy to be utilized by companies, individuals, and investors around the world.

Exotic Wildlife

Panamá is home to hundreds of exotic species of wildlife both in the sea, and on the land! It is a truly magical and wild destination. Come see for yourself!

Stable Government

Panamá maintains a stable and democratic government with peaceful elections occurring every 5 years.    Current president: Lorentino “Nito” Cortizo.

Incredible Surfing

Whether you are an expert surfer, or have the desire to learn, Panamá with its islands, plus Pacific and Caribbean coasts is a surfer’s paradise.

Quality Medical Care

Panamá offers excellent healthcare opportunities with Panamá City having some of the best hospitals in Latin America, accepting all major international health insurances.

World-Class Diving/Fishing

Panamá with more than 1000 exotic islands is a diver’s paradise. Come explore the beautiful waters, reefs, and exotic marine wildlife!

Infrastructure & Economy

The infrastructure of Panamá is quite advanced and always improving. Roads, phone service, potable water, electricity, bridges, and more are always of priority.

Vibrant Cultures

Each region of Panamá is unique and host to its own style of food, dress, culture, and traditions. A guarantee you won’t get bored of exploring Panamá’s many faces!

Security & Safety

Panamá places high importance in safety and security for its residents and tourists whether foreign or local. Officers are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.

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