Learn about the different provinces of Panamá, their locations and activities of interest, real estate opportunities, as well as living and property costs!

Please keep in mind that the ratings of Property and Living costs are based upon Panamá.

A 10/10 might still be cheaper than your own or another country.



A Forgotten Caribbean Secret

Summary: Colón province is a stunning Caribbean destination just a short drive from the metropolis of Panama City. It is here where the Panama Canal exits into the Atlantic ocean, and the city of Colón and the Free Trade Zone are always humming 24/7. This region of Panamá is notable for its beautiful turquoise waters, coral reef systems, lovely beaches, exotic islands, Caribbean culture and cuisine, and numerous marinas as it is a sailor’s paradise!

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Diving, Surfing, Fishing, Island Hopping, Hiking, Historical Landmarks

Locations of Interest: Portobelo, Puerto Lindo, Isla Grande, San Lorenzo Forest Reserve, Linton Bay Marina, Green Turtle Cay Marina

Real Estate Opportunities: Colón offers excellent real estate opportunity as it is a region of Panamá that has more or less been forgotten about by most, though it is one of the country’s most beautiful provinces. Here one may find excellent mainland properties both on the beach and in the jungle filled hills, exotic island properties, as well as properties being sold within exceptional developments offering marinas and infrastructure. Prices are still relatively cheap and there is plenty for sale!

Cost of Real Estate: 6/10

Cost of Living: 5/10


Perhaps the Most Beautiful Archipelago of the Americas

Summary: The San Blas islands (all 378 of them!) are one of Panamá’s most beautiful treasures without a doubt. Exotic, picturesque islands dot the clear turquoise Caribbean sea as far as the eye can see. Natives of the Kuna Yala tribe inhabit the islands and can often be seen in their dugout canoes or makeshift sailboats traversing the waters and diving/fishing. The region is yet another paradise for sailor’s although there is certainly more on offer than just great sailing! One of the country’s most popular and touristic destinations.

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Diving, Surfing, Fishing, Island Hopping, Cultural Experiences

Locations of Interest: El Porvenir, Isla Perro, Isla Robeson, Chichimei, Isla Banedub, Cayo Holandese, Isla Maqui

Real Estate Opportunities: The San Blas islands being part of an indigenous reserve of the Kuna Yala tribe have very specific regulations for real estate investment by foreigners, or even Panamanians whom are not native of the islands! It is possible to invest in property within San Blas, and even own your own private island, but you must form a partnership with a local tribe member and share ownership with them. That being said, there certainly is opportunity here for real estate investment and eco-tourism. Choose wisely however, because sea level rise will certainly affect this region of Panamá through the coming decades.

Cost of Real Estate: 8/10

Cost of Living: 8/10


The Stunning Coastline Adjacent To San Blas Islands

Summary: The mainland coastline adjacent to the San Blas islands is known as Kuna Yala, the official name of the province containing the San Blas archipelago. This coastline is an absolute wonder to behold boasting stunning beaches, clear turquoise waters, crystal reefs, abundant jungle, native communities of the Kuna Yala tribe, and a very “off the map” vibe. Explore the many rivers, beaches, coves, reefs, villages, and Chagres national park.

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Diving, Surfing, Fishing, Hiking, National Park, Cultural Experiences

Locations of Interest: Chagres National Park, Yandup Lodge, Sapzurro, Carti Port, and many more secrets to be explored !

Real Estate Opportunities: Real estate in this province is governed by the same regulations as the San Blas islands. All investments must be made with a local tribe member as a partner in ownership. If you are willing to submit to these rules, there are plenty of beautiful locations throughout the coast both on the beach and in the pristine mountains and rainforests that would be excellent locations for eco-lodge and eco-tourism. A hard place to explore and learn at times, so make sure you’re committed!

Cost of Real Estate: 6/10

Cost of Living: 7/10


Panama's Most Popular Destination

Summary: Bocas Del Toro. A destination in Panamá that you have likely heard of at one point or another, and for good reason. It is one of the country’s most famous and popular destinations for expats, and tourists alike. It checks all the boxes when thinking of classic Caribbean paradise: Beautiful beaches, exotic islands, sailboats around every corner, colorful Caribbean culture, exquisite cuisine and flavors with flare, not to mention plenty of rum and festivities! Its a lively destination with a “capitol” called BocasTown that never sleeps, but just a short boat ride or drive will put you far away from civilization and into the most beautiful elements of this Caribbean archipelago. If you want a tropical beach home with your own personal dock right out front, where your boat rests awaiting your desire for a quick ocean adventure, and a healthy mix of foreigners and local Panamanians then perhaps Bocas is the place for you!

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Diving, Surfing, Fishing, Island Hopping, Hiking, Nightlife, Culinary Experiences, and more!

Locations of Interest: BocasTown, Bocas Del Drago, Isla Careneros, Isla Bastimentos, Red Frog Beach & Marina

Real Estate Opportunities: Bocas has always had a thriving real estate economy due to its beauty, plethora of activities and tourism/business potential, and constantly growing expat community. With the keen eye and the right connections, (such as Tropic Lands Real Estate) good deals on property large or small can still be found. That being said, there are plenty of high priced properties as well depending on the island, and the specific location within each island. There is always real estate movement in Bocas so at any point in time you find yourself interested, odds are there will be plenty of opportunities at hand as well as interested buyers.

Cost of Real Estate: 7.5/10

Cost of Living: 8/10


A Hidden Caribbean Paradise

Summary: The Ngäbe Buglé province lies between Bocas Del Toro and Veraguas, and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline of Panama’s Caribbean riviera. It is another one of Panama’s indigenous provinces acting as a reserve for the Ngäbe and Comarca tribes. Picture the real life version of Pirates of the Caribbean and you’ll have a pretty accurate idea of what this portion of Panamá looks like. Now thats not to say you will encounter pirates and near death experiences, but rather the stunning empty beaches, beyond exotic islands, beautiful turquoise water, endless coral reefs, and quaint little beachfront villages with little to no infrastructure are reminiscent of an era long gone throughout many parts of the general Caribbean. Though it is not possible to buy property in this indigenous reserve, it is certainly a destination in Panamá that you must visit!

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Surfing, Diving, Fishing, Island Visits, Cultural Experiences, River Excursions

Locations of Interest: Kusapin, Rio Caña, Santa Catalina,


Real Estate Opportunities: N/A

Cost of Real Estate: N/A

Cost of Living: N/A



The Prized Jewel of Central America

Summary: The province of Panamá, where the capitol city is located is a very large province host to many different locations of interest as well as various environments and styles of living. Panamá City is a sprawling metropolis appearing to be the hybrid of New York and Miami with a bit of extra Latin flare. Here one can do, buy, acquire, eat, drink, and enjoy just about anything the heart desires. There are a few offshore islands such as Taboga which make for great day trips, and some nearby beaches such as Veracruz. The city also hosts numerous beautiful parks, and national parks/nature reserves offering an incredibly refreshing breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.  Panamá City is relatively rich in culture, and cuisine especially within the Casco Antiguo portion of the city. Traveling outside of the city, you can find communities in higher elevation mountainous regions, expansive ranches and agriculture, jungles and nature preserves, and a handful of other cities that are up and coming.

Activities of Interest: Island day trips, Panama Canal visit, Visiting parks and reserves, Day trips into the mountains, Shopping, Entertainment, Culinary experiences, Nightlife, Historical monuments, Museums, Golf

Locations of Interest: Casco Antiguo, Panama Viejo, Amador (and museums), Taboga Island, Panama Canal, Cerro Azul mountains, Chagres National Park, Gamboa Reserve & Soberanía National Park

Real Estate Opportunities: Panama City though a bit pricey in some cases still has excellent potential for real estate investment, and there are great deals to be had if you know where to look. The primary real estate market in the city is for condominiums and apartments in Casco Antiguo and the beautiful high rises located around the city (especially waterfront) which fetch a great rental income due to high demand. Throughout the future values will surely increase so an investment in the city is not a bad idea. Taboga island also offers some real estate opportunity, as there are various properties for sale, and eventually (though it is hard to say when) the island will become more developed and popular and property values will increase. Other regions such as the beautiful Cerro Azul offer a cheaper investment option and very different style of life in the cool climate mountains, though just an hour drive from the city.

Cost of Real Estate: City = 9/10  Outside City = from 6/10 to 9/10

Cost of Living: City = 8.5/10  Outside City = from 5/10 to 8/10


Where Adventure Meets Beauty, and Comfort

Summary: Panamá Oeste is the province directly adjacent to the Panamá Province heading west. Here you will notice that development is far less than the capitol city but still very much geared towards luxury, comfort, and enjoyment of the outdoors. Along this stretch of Panamá’s coastline you will find various high rises, hotels, resorts, luxurious residential developments, and quaint communities with plenty of infrastructure and amenities at hand. The region is host to some beautiful beaches, excellent surfing, lovely mountain regions, numerous outdoor activities, and some great culinary options as well. An excellent choice for those who dont want to reside in the hustle and bustle of Panama City but still wish to enjoy a life of comfort, luxury, and outdoor activity while still being only a short trip away from the capitol.

Activities of Interest: Surfing, Golfing, Fishing, Entertainment, Dining, Mild Nightlife, Kite-boarding, Wake-board park, Hiking

Locations of Interest: Coronado, Chame, Altos de Campana National Park, Playa Del Sol, Playa Riomar, Playa El Palmar, VistaMar Golf/Beach/Marina, Playa Gorgona, Playa Malibu

Real Estate Opportunities: Whether you’re interested in a plot of land, a small home, a LARGE home, an inland condo, a penthouse right on the water, a golf course – front property, or a large tract of land for your own development goals Panamá Oeste will have something to offer you. This region is relatively consistent with real estate movement and although some of the properties on offer can be a bit pricey there are always a few great deals waiting to be taken advantage of. Not to mention, every couple of years there seems to pop up a new residential development or condo-building eager to make sales! We do believe that property values in this region will increase slowly and steadily over time and there are usually a good number of potential-renters looking for a place to lay there head so the rental income potential is also quite interesting for this portion of Panamá.

Cost of Real Estate: 7/10 to 9/10

Cost of Living: 7/10


A Stunning Archipelago Just Offshore of Panama City

Summary: The Pearl Islands are a group of approximately 250 islands located just a 1.5 hour ferry (or 20 minute flight) off the coast of Panamá City. Though it seems hard to imagine, the 30 miles in between the modern metropolis and this chain of islands make a world of difference. Upon entering into the archipelago of Las Perlas you will likely think you’ve just arrived to the Philippines, or Hawaii, or some far flung exotic location in the Caribbean. Beautiful white sand beaches, lush jungles, colorful coral reefs, a plethora of marine wildlife, plus sailboats and local fishermen around every corner are just a handful of the elements which make this region of Panama absolutely magical. Though it doesn’t quite receive the fame it deserves yet (even after hosting the SURVIVOR tv show multiple times) we feel that it is only a matter of time before the Pearl Islands become one of Panama’s most popular destinations for good.

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Diving/Snorkeling, Whale Watching, Fishing, Island Hopping,

Locations of Interest: Contadora Island, Saboga Island, Viveros Island, Ritz Carleton Pearl Island,

Real Estate Opportunities: We believe the real estate opportunities presented within the Pearl Islands archipelago are absolutely spectacular. Why? Because it is one of the most beautiful regions of the entire country, its practically a stone throw away from Panama City (the largest most modern city in all of Central America), and it offers a wide array of attractions and activities, not to mention just downright exotic relaxation and bliss. Purchasing an empty plot of land, a Bed & Breakfast, a beautiful beachfront home, a large parcel of land for development, a luxurious lot or condo within an existing or “soon to come” development, or even an entire private island are ALL possibilities in Las Perlas. Best of all, we sincerely believe the glory days of the Pearl Islands are still ahead of us. There is still alot missing and alot to be done in terms of residential development, marinas, resorts, hostels, nightlife, etc. With the help of a professional real estate company (hint, hint..) now can be a great time to get your foot in the door and be a part of the bright future of one of Panamá’s most exquisite destinations.

Cost of Real Estate: 6/10 to 9/10

Cost of Living: 7.5/10


Mesmerizing Mountains and Gorgeous Beaches

Summary: There is a saying in Panamá that has been adopted and encouraged by those who visit, live, or do business in Coclé.

“Coclé tiene de todo” or “Coclé has it all” isn’t just a marketing gimmick, rather its quite accurate when you consider the stunning beaches, beautiful rivers, ancient mountains, and hidden waterfalls that make up this amazing province. This region of Panamá is still relatively close to the capitol city (a few hours drive) so it does benefit from a healthy amount of tourism, and residents of the province enjoy having the amenities and infrastructure of the big city not too far away. That being said, being in Coclé makes you feel like you are indeed VERY far away from the hustle and bustle of Panama City. One very interesting point to make about Coclé is the “international” airport located in Rio Hato.

Activities of Interest: Beachside resorts, Water-sports, Surfing, Golfing, Hiking, Waterfalls, Agro-Tourism, Zipline tours, and more!

Locations of Interest: El Valle, Buenaventura, Playa Santa Clara, Penonomé, Rio Hato Airport, Fallaron Island, Omar Torrijos National Park

Real Estate Opportunities: Coclé province offers some excellent real estate opportunities whether you love white sand beaches, luxurious residential developments, or quiet towns high in the mountains. Although real estate prices can range drastically from reasonable to expensive, there are likely various opportunities to be seized within your budget. Towns like El Valle offer great investment opportunities, as well as a number of the coastal locations such as the stunning Buenaventura Residence/Resort/Marina development. If agriculture, or a large-scale commercial project is more to your taste, the vast amount of open and flat land in between the mountains and sea offer huge potential as well.

Cost of Real Estate: 5/10 to 9/10

Cost of Living: 7/10


The Province of Two Seas

Summary: Veraguas is the only province of Panamá that is graced with both a Pacific as well as a Caribbean coastline. As if thats not good enough, in between the two seas of the province lies the jaw-dropping mountain range La Cordillera hosting its own long list of beautiful towns and adventures to be had. The primary city and focal point of Veraguas is Santiago which over the past years has been growing quite rapidly and now offers a number of large supermarkets, and handful of excellent restaurants/bars, various banks and health clinics, and government offices. Though there are some hot spots in Veraguas, many of the province’s regions and towns have remained off the tourism and investment maps meaning there is still plenty of potential in the future, and many rustic undeveloped areas currently. More adventures and activities than you could imagine, a multitude of environments, various national parks, whats not to love!

Activities of Interest: World Class Fishing, Diving/Snorkeling, Surfing, Whale Watching, Island Hopping, National Parks, Sailing, Kite-Surfing, Hiking, Waterfalls, River-kayaking, and more!

Locations of Interest: Mariato District, Santa Catalina, Santa Fe, Calovebora, Cerro Hoya National Park, Coiba National Park, Cebaco Island, Santa Fe National Park, Isla Escudo de Veraguas

Real Estate Opportunities: Veraguas offers perhaps some of the best real estate opportunities of the country between its two coastlines, stunning mountain regions, and numerous exotic islands. There are plenty of hidden corners and up and coming towns where a good investment can be an absolute goldmine, or provide you with that perfect peaceful getaway you’ve been dreaming of. If you prefer to purchase something in a more developed area, there are a few options for that as well! Without a doubt one of Veraguas’ greatest real estate appeals is the opportunity for residential/development projects or the investment in large parcels of land to be sold off in smaller portions throughout the future as the province becomes more popular, more populated, and property values rise! We’ve said it and we’ll say it again: Whether you want islands, Pacific coast, Caribbean coast, or majestic mountains and cloud forests, Veraguas might be the perfect fit for you.

Cost of Real Estate: 5/10 – 8/10

Cost of Living: 6.5/10


A Traditional Piece of Panamá

Summary: Herrera may not have the reputation for romantic white sand beaches, resorts, or exotic islands but it certainly does have its own charm and opportunities on offer. Herrera province encompasses one of the regions first inhabited by the Spanish colonists branching out from Panama City and to this day still maintains strong roots to its Spanish heritage. The province is also an agricultural powerhouse though this does unfortunately mean that a large portion of the region has been deforested. Though Herrera is just a small piece of Panama, it is not to be forgotten or overlooked. See below to find out why!

Activities of Interest: Agro-Tourism, Mangrove Kayaking, Fishing, Hiking, Bird Watching, Cultural Experiences, Historical Towns & Artisan Crafts, Annual Fairs & Festivities

Locations of Interest: Parita Spanish-Colonial Village, La Arena Artisan Markets, Ocú & The Original Panama Hat, Chitré, Sarigua National Park

Real Estate Opportunities: The real estate opportunities in Herrera are limited in comparison to other provinces, but thats not to say there are none. Herrera provides opportunities for those interested in agriculture production, REFORESTATION, residential development in the areas surrounding the city of Chitre, and acquisition of properties in the culture rich towns of Parita and La Arena where tourism, and annual fairs / festivities offer the opportunity to benefit from rental & Airbnb income, as well as slow increase in property values as the towns become more popular in the cultural circuit of Panama.

Cost of Real Estate: 5/10

Cost of Living: 5/10


The Beautiful & Touristic Eastern Side of Azuero

Summary: Los Santos is a province located on the Eastern side of the Azuero peninsula with an area of 3,809 square kilometers consisting of beautiful beaches, rolling hills, mountains, and rivers. Although it has a reputation of not being quite as tropical as the Western side of the Azuero peninsula, there is still plenty of jungle to be seen and explored as well as a wide range of wildlife. One thing that Los Santos certainly can brag about is its variety of touristic towns which have become some of the most popular destinations throughout the country for both international as well as Panamanian tourists. These areas continue to grow and develop year after year offering great real estate opportunities as well as an excellent option for expat life. The Los Santos province is also known for its lively festivities especially around the time of Carnaval with the celebration’s focal point being in the town of Las Tablas. The nearest big city is Chitre, but within the Los Santos province there are multiple health clinics/hospitals, banks, and great supermarkets so its rare that a trip all the way to Chitre is necessary. One important thing to note about the Los Santos province is that due to its East facing location, you will be privilege to some beautiful sunrises but don’t expect to see any sunsets. All in all, Los Santos is a very lively, continuously developing, beautiful, and enjoyable province with a number of interesting destinations and opportunities.

Activities of Interest: Excellent Fishing, Snorkel/Diving, Surfing, Kite-surfing, Hiking, Waterfalls, Whale Watching, Cultural Experiences, Fairs & Festivals, Nightlife, Sailing

Locations of Interest: Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, Town of Las Tablas, Playa Venao, Town of Cambutal, Town of Pedasí, Town of Guanico

Real Estate Opportunities: Los Santos offers a plethora of real estate opportunities, especially for those with a larger budget. Though there are still great deals and some cheap land to be stumbled upon, much of the coastline and its already developed towns are subject to higher property prices. This is due to the high amount of tourism, steady increase of expats wishing to move to the region, relatively consistent demand for property, and the amount of existing development. In Los Santos you can find small lots of raw land, larger parcels, big ranches, beautiful homes for sale, villas for sale, and even “walk to the beach” condominiums for sale. From buying a lot within a development, to a 100 acre ranch for your own residential project, this province and its hip coastal regions could be just what you’re looking for. The property values and development along this stretch of Panama will continue to increase and expand throughout the coming years, and there are already a list of upcoming projects in the works so the opportunities are many and the potential is very, very interesting.

Cost of Real Estate: 6/10 to 9/10

Cost of Living: 7.5/10


Islands, Mountains, and Valleys

Summary: Chiriquí not only has perhaps one of the coolest names for a province, but some of the most stunning beauty of Panamá as well as a huge variety of natural environments. The Pacific side of Chiriquí is littered with beautiful beaches, a HUGE number of exotic islands, and a handful of growing beachside towns and communities. David city is the epicenter of the province offering just about every service and amenity you could need. A short drive up into the majestic mountains from David you will find some of Chiriquí’s most magical natural beauty spread throughout a range of tropical, mountainous, and high altitude arid environments. Cloud forests, a towering ancient volcano, endless valleys surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, picturesque towns, hidden waterfalls, and wildlife are all part of Chiriquí’s higher altitude charm. Within this region of Panamá there are a number of destinations popular among tourists, investors/developers, and expats but it is also easy to find yourself lost in paradise far from any noise or “civilization” as the province is quite large and full of nature. Though it does not host a Caribbean coastline, Chiriquí with its mountains, Pacific coast, and seemingly impossible number of islands can certainly appeal to just about anyone and everyone.

Activities of Interest: Sailing, Fishing, Island Hopping, Whale Watching, Diving/Snorkeling, Hiking, Waterfalls, Surfing, Wildlife, Agro-Tourism,

Locations of Interest: Town of Boquete, Town of Altos de Boquete, Town of Volcán, Town of Boca Chica, Town of Punta Burica, Town of Puerto Armuelles, Town of Las Lajas, Archipelago Gulfo De Chiriquí, Town of Valle De Las Minas, Fortuna Forest Reserve, Caldera (Hot Springs)

Real Estate Opportunities: Chiriquí has long been a popular destination for those interested in investing in Panamá. Reason for this? The bread and butter of the province: Boquete. Boquete is a quaint but substantially developed mountain town approximately 1 hour from the city of David, which has been attracting tourists, investors, developers, and expats for the past 20 years. It remains one of Chiriquí’s most popular destinations, though in the past decade other destinations within the province have been put on the map making Chiriquí more interesting than ever. If what you’re after is in fact the peaceful mountain lifestyle with cooler climates, then the regions of Boquete, Volcán, and Caldera are without a doubt excellent options for you still offering a variety of real estate opportunities. However, if you prefer coastal living, or even that exotic island lifestyle so many of us dream about, you will also find a wide range of investments and destinations available. Places like Boca Chica (along with its plethora of islands), Puerto Armuelles, and Punta Burica are just a few of the interesting coastal locations where expat life, investment, or development can be magnificent. Depending on where you’re looking to buy, Chiriquí’s real estate prices can appear expensive, to downright disgustingly cheap, and everything in between! The key is using an expert real estate company to assist you with the regions that will best suit your needs and budget, and helping you find the best deals available. This province we predict will continue to flourish, and receive more attention from tourists, investors, developers, and expats as word gets out of Chiriquí’s beauty and the destinations of interest continue to evolve. An investment in this portion of Panamá could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Cost of Real Estate: 6/10 – 8.5/10

Cost of Living: 7/10


The Lost Paradise of Panamá

Summary: Jurassic Park. Indigenous Territory. Virgin Rainforest. Undiscovered Wildlife Species. Beaches too good even for a postcard. The list goes on and on of why the Darien province is one of the most incredible regions of not only Panamá but the entire Americas. Just ask the folks at UNESCO whom declared the Darien National Park a “World Heritage Site” in 1981. This portion of Panamá is what many consider to be the country’s “last frontier” and some even say one of the world’s last frontiers. The interesting factor here is that aside from the national parks and indigenous territories, it is permitted to buy and own land within this stunning province meaning that at some point in the future we will undoubtedly see some development, and increase in eco-tourism throughout this region. Access is limited, infrastructure and modern amenities are often non-existent, investment takes some serious “huevos” and vision for the future, but having personally visited this magical land, we can say its like nothing else you will ever encounter in your life.

Activities of Interest: Hiking, Exploration, Indigenous Community Visits, Cultural Experiences, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing, Surfing, World Class Fishing, Diving/Snorkeling, Waterfalls, National Parks

Locations of Interest: Darien National Park, Jaque, Indigenous Villages

Real Estate Opportunities: The Darien province offers real estate opportunities that are, well, lets say: a bit complicated. It is the largest province of the country but easily the least inhabited and least explored. A huge majority of the region is made up of virgin jungles and vast wilderness where only the brave indigenous have set foot. There are a few towns scattered within the province that have formed a small industry of agriculture closer towards the Panamá province, and a few coastal towns that are accessible only by boat or plane. While it is permitted to buy and own land within the Darien province, it isn’t necessarily easy, and indigenous regions are specifically off limits for property investment. Now, all of that being said, there are some interesting points to be mentioned. The coastal towns mentioned can be very interesting locations for property investment and there are already a number of foreigners that have in the past purchased/sold land or developed land into projects such as one of Latin America’s greatest fishing lodges: Tropicstar. In the coming decade it is possible that the Darien will become more user friendly and accessible, and perhaps even a focal point for Panamá’s eco-tourism industry meaning that these quaint coastal towns could potentially become hot spots. If/when this does occur, those who choose to invest now will be very glad they did 5, 10, or 15 years from now. Perhaps even more interesting of a point to mention, is the potential offered by the Darien province for investors who wish to purchase LARGE tracts of land for reforestation, or LARGE tracts of land which already consist of primary or secondary growth rainforest and jungle. Why you may ask? Two words: Carbon Credits. Not only does the government of Panamá offer very attractive incentives for those who conserve rainforest or engage in reforestation, but the entire world economy has in the past years opened up a huge international market for the trade of carbon credits. To put it simply, the global carbon credit market is expected to reach a worth of $230 MILLION USD by 2024. The Darien province has a monstrous quantity of virgin and secondary growth rainforest/jungle perfect for this type of investment. Think about it, not only are you saving the world and humanity along with it, but you’re also making a boat-load of money while doing it.

Cost of Real Estate: 3/10 to 7/10

Cost of Living: 7/10

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