When the day arrives that you are ready to sell your property here in Panamá, Tropic Lands Real Estate can offer you our full list of services to assist you in a secure and successful sale.

       We encourage you to contact us at any time whether you are just starting to think about selling your property, or you are ready to list TODAY. We are happy to consult with you, answer questions, and brief you on the strategies we use to promote your property and acquire buyers.

       Listing Procedure: The process to list your property typically includes visiting the property  to acquire professional grade photos (aerial and ground) and gain first hand knowledge of the property characteristics, pros/cons, and potential sale values. Once we have the photo material, and necessary information regarding the property we will list it for sale on our website upon completion of a Listing Agreement signed between you and Tropic Lands Real Estate. Once listed on our website platform, your property will be on display for the entire world to see, as our site consistently receives between 4,000 – 8,000 visitors per month from around the globe.

       We can also facilitate paid advertising with Google, as well as renowned real estate magazines and publications to drive more exposure of your property for sale.

Our services for property sales include
but are not limited to: 

– Professional Photography Services

– Professional consultation and evaluation

– Bilingual (Spanish/English) Consulting & Guidance throughout listing/sale process

– Promotion of your property to a global audience

– Provision of licensed survey teams

​- Provision of licensed attorneys

– Escrow services to assure a safe and satisfactory payment transaction

– Translation of documents by licensed translator (if requested)


Tropic Lands Real Estate charges commissions based upon the sale price of your property.
10% of each commission paid is donated to Tierra Trópica Foundation to facilitate community development & environmental conservation initiatives throughout the country!

Non-Exclusive Listing Rates

$100,000 or less = 10% commission
$101,000 – $400,000 = 8% commission
$401,000 – $500,000 = 7% commission
$501,000 – $700,000 = 6% commission
$701,000 – $800,000 = 5.5 % commission
$801,000 or more = 5% commission

Exclusive Listing Rates

$100,000 or less = 9% commission
$101,000 – $400,000 = 7% commission
$401,000 – $500,000 = 6% commission
$501,000 – $700,000 = 5% commission
$701,000 – $800,000 = 4.5 % commission
$801,000 or more = 4% commission


These commission rates reflect the amount of time, energy, and money spent visiting, photographing, and showing property throughout Panama’s rural, coastal, and island regions that are more difficult to travel to, and more difficult to sell.
Our photography and video production is of the quality you will find throughout the entire real estate industry of Panama!
Our team will walk you through the entire process of sale and handle every aspect for you from start to finish.

For more information, or to inquire about listing your property with Tropic Lands Real Estate,
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