Mariato Park/Plaza Renovation

2015 - Mariato, Veraguas

With the help of the students of Mariato’s primary school, parents, teachers, and a great group of volunteers from USA on behalf of Groundswell Educational Travel we managed to renovate the town plaza in Mariato. A new paint job, clean up of all trash, installation of a trash bin, planting of trees, and repair of the old play structure.

Mariato Primary School Recycling Pilot Program

2016 - Mariato, Veraguas

In 2016 we took the initiative to begin a pilot recycling program with the primary school of Mariato, Veraguas. After a handful of lectures and exercises with the students and teachers over the course of a month, we donated a number of large trash bins which on a sunny day with the help of students/parents/teachers and a few of our volunteers we painted these bins according to type of material and set the school up with a recycle center in the city of Santiago.

Beach Cleanups & Conservation


Unfortunately for our beaches, the large amount of trash and discarded materials produced by humanity is often times not disposed of properly and finds its way into our oceans, later washing up onto our beaches with the tides. This trash, and micro-plastics are not only extremely harmful to marine life, but to humans as well, since we consume seafood. Aside from health concerns, a trash and plastic covered beach is unattractive and just downright saddening.
Tropic Lands strives to organize a handful of beach-cleanups each year, typically collaborating with local communities and schools, to make the event educational and spread the knowledge of the importance of a trash/plastic free ocean and beach.

Donation to the Construction of La Iglesia de Torio (Church)

2017 - Torio, Veraguas

Using funds available due to the sale of a beachfront home in the growing town of Torio, we spoke with locals of the community and agreed to a simple donation to be used towards the construction of the new local church in the community of Torio. The donated funds were used to purchase wooden benches for seating inside of the church.

Malena Primary School Environmental Education & Tree Planting

2015 - Malena, Veraguas

In the small coastal town of Malena we had the opportunity in 2015 to spend a day at the local primary school with a few helpful volunteers talking to students about the importance of the environment, and the crucial role that plants and trees play in our lives and nature’s existence. To conclude the day, we gave every pair of students a tree to plant on the school grounds and got to work!

Repair of MataOscura Water Acueduct

2017 - MataOscura, Veraguas

With the funds available from a property sale in the quiet beachfront community of MataOscura we asked residents what was the most pressing concern for the community to which the response was a broken water aqueduct causing a lack of water. With the help of the locals whom were in charge of maintaining the community’s water system we were able to make the repair to the aqueduct just in time before dry season arrived.

Public Beach Waste Management

2018 - Playa Reina, Veraguas

Trash on the local beach of Playa Reina has always been an issue. Visiting tourists, and even local Panamanians were guilty of visiting this beautiful beach and forgetting to take with them ​the trash that they arrived with. However, its much easier to teach and convince someone to put their trash in a nearby public trash deposit than it is to convince them to carry it all back with them in the car to wherever it is they came from. This small project is just one of many that will be executed along the Mariato district’s coast, with the goal of providing a sanitary and confined space for beach visitors to deposit their trash instead of leaving it on the beach. We are stoked on how it came out for our first try, and looking forward to installing more of these on the local beaches where the municipal trash collection truck can pass by and collect the trash on a regular basis.

Torio Primary School Renovations

Initiated in 2018 - Ongoing

It is disheartening to see the poor conditions in which many of the schools across the interior regions of Panama are. They unfortunately do not always receive the funding or attention they deserve. Tierra Tropica Foundation is excited to be initiating the renovation of the local primary school in the community of Torio, Veraguas. This school, although it sits on some of the best beachfront land in the area with an incredible view, hasn’t seen improvements or proper maintenence for some time and currently suffers from significant problems such as screenless windows (allowing entry of cats, rats, bats, mosquitos, and more), damaged and unsanitary bathrooms (enough said), plus insufficient materials and furnishings
We are happy to say we have already begun to solve these issues with donations funds available, and recently completed the screening of every window of the school. Next we plan to tackle the issue of the bathrooms, and continue on from there.

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