Renovation & Improvements of Torio Primary School

Our improvement plans for Torio’s primary school as an “ongoing” project include

  • Improvement of bathrooms
  • Improvement of furnishings and school materials
  • Improvement of Cafeteria amenities

Renovations & Improvements of Mariato Primary School

Mariato’s primary school is ready for some renovations and improvements! Thanks to a few sales in the area during 2019 we have the funds to get started on these improvements.

On our list for renovations and improvements include:

  • Screening of all windows throughout school
  • Waste disposal and management
  • Improved furnishings

Repair and Improvement of Water Acueduct in Platanares, Isla Cebaco

Made possible by a sale on Cebaco island in 2019, we have the funds available to make a donation to the community of Platanares which currently suffers from lack of running water throughout half of the community. We have analyzed the situation and are now moving forward with purchase of necessary materials after which we will begin installation and repair of the aqueduct.

Mariato District Recycling Program

Perhaps one of the biggest projects we will ever undertake is the development of the first district wide recycle program in Mariato, Veraguas. This expansive coastline/district consisting of beautiful beaches, mountains, and rivers suffers greatly from the waste management and pollution issues so commonly found in 2nd and 3rd world countries and remote regions. Aside from a select number of national beer and soda brands (glass bottle form only) where is no manner of recycling within this district whatsoever. In collaboration with the local municipality we will be proposing to the government a large-scale recycle program that we have designed over a number of months. Our hope and goal is that Mariato district will serve as a trial run for large-scale recycling in Panamá and upon its success other regions throughout the country will follow.

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